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Piedmont Bando of Northern Virginia was established in June 2009.

The instructors, Debby Kirkman and Jim Sheeran, began their Bando training in what became the Northern Virginia Bando Club in the mid 1980s. At that time, the club was run as an offshoot of DC Bando, which is one of the very first Bando clubs in the United States. Dr. Maung Gyi introduced Bando to a select group of students in the late 1950s, training in a variety of places, especially at American University. Over time, the club became Northern Virginia Bando, recognizing the growth and strength of the programs as students matured and started teaching their own classes and clubs, and developing a reputation on their own. In a like manner, Jim and Debby realized that their training and activities had moved more into the Manassas/Gainesville area, and that it was time to recognize that in the name of the club. The club name retains Northern Virginia in order to recognize the history, ties, and association with Northern Virginia Bando.