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About Piedmont Bando of Northern Virginia

Our focus is to teach the Bando System as we were taught, with an emphasis on the details and “little pieces.” The mainstay of training is repetition. While we do go to some competitions, we use them as a chance to further our training by experiencing different fighting styles and different pressures. Class sizes are limited to allow individual instruction. Students at all belt levels are taught together.

The Piedmont Bando Club is a non-commercial, not for profit club aimed at preserving and practicing the martial art of Burma, called Bando. Traditional Bando instruction is offered with emphasis on free-sparring and self-defense. Classes are taught in Northern Virginia and in Upper Virginia by two senior Black Belts within the American Bando Association:
* Sayama Deborah Kirkman, 5th level
* Saya James Sheeran, 3rd level

Our philosophy is to continue the tradition of our teacher, Grand Master Joe Manley. Our classes are small, with individualized instruction. All belt levels are taught together in a class. Classes focus on technique and application of technique in realistic settings.

Classes offered:
* Traditional Bando Training (weekly)
* Bando Monk System training (bi-monthly)
* Combat Aerobics (weekly)
* Individual tutoring available

For more information, you can leave a message on this group or contact the instructors at info@piedmontbando.org